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Filing a Complaint with Us
If you have a complaint about our products or services, please contact our Chief Compliance Officer, Terence K. Shaunessy, at tks@www.shaunessy.com or mail a letter to Shaunessy Investment Counsel, 615 15th Avenue SW, Suite 102, Calgary, AB T2R 0R4. Please include what went wrong, when it happened and what you expect, for example money back, an apology, or account correction. To help us resolve your complaint sooner, make your complaint as soon as possible. Reply promptly if we ask you for more information and keep copies of all relevant documents, such as letters, emails and notes of conversations with us.

 We will acknowledge your complaint in writing typically within 5 business days of receiving your complaint. To resolve your complaint, we may ask you to provide clarification or more information.

 We provide our decision in writing within 90 days of receiving a complaint. The decision will include a summary of the complaint, the results of our investigation, our decision to make an offer to resolve or deny the complaint, and an explanation of our decision. If we cannot provide you with our decision within 90 days, we will inform you of the delay, explain why our decision is delayed, and provide you with a new date for our decision.

If you are not satisfied, you may be eligible for the independent dispute resolution service offered by the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (“OBSI”). If you are a Québec resident, you may consider the free mediation service offered by the Autorité des marchés financiers.

 Taking Your Complaint to the OBSI
You may be eligible for OBSI’s free and independent dispute resolution service if we do not provide our decision within 90 days after you made your complaint, or you are not satisfied with our decision. OBSI can recommend compensation of up to $350,000. OBSI’s service is available to clients of SIC, however this does not restrict your ability to take a complaint to a dispute resolution service of your choosing at your own expense, or to bring an action in court. Keep in mind there are time limits for taking legal action.

 You may use OBSI’s service if your complaint relates to a trading or advising activity of SIC or by one of our representatives, you brought your complaint to us within 6 years from the time that you first knew, or ought to have known, about the event that caused the complaint, and you file your complaint with OBSI according to its time limits. If we do not provide you with our decision within 90 days, you can take your complaint to OBSI any time after the 90-day period has ended. If you are not satisfied with our decision, you have up to 180 days after we provide you with our decision to take your complaint to OBSI.

 OBSI can help you best if you promptly provide all relevant information, including your name and contact information, SIC’s name and contact information, the names and contact information of any of our representatives who have been involved in your complaint, details of your complaint and all relevant documents, including any correspondence and notes of discussions with us.

 OBSI works confidentially and informally. It is not like going to court, and you do not need a lawyer. During its investigation, OBSI may interview you and representatives of SIC. We are required to cooperate in OBSI’s investigations. Once OBSI has completed its investigation, it will provide its recommendations, which are not binding, to you and us. OBSI can recommend compensation of up to $350,000. If your claim is greater, you will have to agree to that limit on any compensation you seek through OBSI. If you want to recover more than $350,000, you may want to consider another option to resolve your complaint, such as legal action. You always have the right to go to a lawyer or seek other ways of resolving your dispute at any time. A lawyer can advise you of your options. There are time limits for taking legal action. Delays could limit your options and legal rights later on.

 You can reach the OBSI by emailing ombudsman@obsi.ca or by phone at 1-888-451-4519. For more information about OBSI, visit www.obsi.ca.

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